Canada’s first grandmaster

Daniel Yanofsky in 1947 – photo credit Wikipedia

Daniel Yanofsky was Canada’s first grandmaster.  In 1939, just 14 years old, he played for Canada at the Buenos Aires Olympiad. Yanofsky was the sensation of the tournament, making the highest score on second board. In this game he unleashes a pretty rook sacrifice to win a game which was highly praised by World Champion Alexander Alekhine


Hart House Holiday Open


Hart House Holidays Open

This is one of my favourite tournament in Canada. The playing hall looks like the Great Hall from Harry Potter.


Unfortunately I couldn’t play this year but in 2015 I finished tied for first with IM Nikolay Noritsyn.

The last round game was a very long battle vs. IM Artiom Samsonkin. In a theoretical drawn position (R+B vs. R) I managed to win . See the game below.

FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar in Toronto, Canada


A FIDE Arbiters’ Seminar is going to be organized from 18 to 20 February 2017 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by the Chess Federation of Canada and under the auspices of FIDE.

The Lecturer will be IA Hal Bond (CAN), FIDE Lecturer and Assistant Lecturer will be IA Aris Marghetis (CAN), Secretary of the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission.

The venue of the Seminar will be the Hart House in Toronto.

The language of the Seminar will be English.

The Seminar will give norms for the FIDE Arbiter title according to the FIDE Regulations for the titles of Arbiters.

R.I.P. Mark Taimanov

Russian media report the death, aged 90, of Mark Taimanov, one of the foremost chess competitors of the Soviet era and a widely respected pianist whose personal friends included Shostakovich and Richter. Taimanov may be best remembered for losing 6-0 to Bobby Fischer in 1971, a drubbing that he immortalized in a best-selling book.


He had previously beaten six world champions, including Botvinnik, Spassky and Karpov.

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A beautiful interview to be read: “My life with chess and music”